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China's bullying tactics all around the world - From Trade to strong arming nations

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

From all corners of the world there is a strong emergence for investigation into the origin of Corona virus (COVID-19) which seems to have rattled Beijing and the communist establishment in China.

This has resulted in massive retaliation by the communist regimen to those who dare to oppose them. Retaliation in form of propaganda war, buying international journalists to strong arming counties either though diplomatic channels or through trade route.

#1 China's War of words and propaganda in the US

From propaganda video mocking US response against Corona virus to influencing US newspaper through promoting fake narrative. China is trying every trick in the book to damage and discredit the US within the USA as well as in foreign nations.

China is aiming all its propaganda fire power against the US through its various state owned news-papers and publications calming that the corona virus was brought by US-Army in china which is an baseless allegations in series of such allegations.

Here is a Chinese mouth piece suggesting US might have a role in spreading the corona virus in china.

The most shocking revelation was when the Chinese have gone to the extent of threatening US lawmakers over taking anti-Chinese stand going to the extent of hints at Election Day impact.

#2 Objecting to recognize Taiwan as a country (both WHO and China)

China doesn't recognize Taiwan as a separate democratic sovereign state. According to the Chinese regime the territories which come under the nine-dash line which is an imaginary demarcation that the Chinese made on a map belong to china which includes Taiwan as well as a large portion of the south china sea.

Here is a map to illustrate what China claims (nine-dash line) and important international sea routes.

The explanation that the Chinese regime gives for all these claims it to be "Ancient Chinese territory" and the same line is parroted in all its boarder disputes as well.

Not only the Chinese but it seems like even the WHO doesn't want to recognize Taiwan as a separate sovereign state.

Quite recently China has even gone to the extent to intimidate Taiwan through minatory drills and exercise near the Taiwanese island even gone to the extent to volatile Taiwanese airspace.

# 3 Trade war with Australia

Intimidating Australia over its demand of international inquire into the origin of corona virus through trade tension and threats of boycotting Australian agriculture and industrial product

In recent bullying tactics by the Chinese regime hinted on placing additional tariffs on imported Australian Beef and barley this is a classic example of how China uses trade to silence sovereign countries and anyone who opposes there views. Australia's demand for an inquire that might have upset or rather hurt the Chinese communist part which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone since its a authoritarian communist regime where everything is state owned.

Australian govt is fighting hard against the Chinese communist party's desire to conceal the truth from the world. Chinese students are actually make up 40% of total international students in Australian Universities which some suspect china might use at a later point to corner the Australian in its desire to eliminate its opposition in international circles.

#4 Pressure from China leads E.U. to Softens its report on COVID-19 disinformation

The European Union’s foreign policy chief is facing allegations of taking a soft stand in the recent report about Chinese disinformation on COVID-19 in EU.

The allegations remains that it was purposeful watered down after pressure from Beijing.

#5 Harassing Vietnamese fishermen and destroying civilian boats

Fishermen’s associations in Vietnam and the Philippines recently protested on China’s annual summer fishing ban in the South China Sea and asked their national governments to oppose it.

#6 Affecting the supply chain to gain leverage

Recently one of the major 95 mask manufacturing unit of 3M and others were nationalized by the Chinese authority in order to take control of its manufacturing and supply chain.

And Making sure that the US and EU nations don't get access to these resources to fight the virus and prevent its spread at time. This resulted in healthcare works being at risk in these nations as well as millions of lives at risk getting infected.


China's policy to hide the virus in December 2019 and lack of transparency has put millions of lives at risk if not billions of life and because virus has human to human transmission which China declined initially resulted in misinformation and lack of initial strong measures by any international organisations or countries in general. As parts of the world recover from this pandemic its every nation's responsibility to get China held accountable for corona virus pandemic as well in general from this point forward.

China is an expansionist, authoritarian regime which can go to any lengths to increase its board or influence across the world. These are simply a proportion of mischief that China has in a short span of months.

There are still plenty of charges against the CCP from mistreating Africans in China to credit trapping countries to exploit their natural resources and ports like Sri Lanka and countries in Africa.

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