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How to use Microsoft Whiteboard | A Complete Guide

After the pandemic, there is a surge in demand for online tools and applications. At the moment, many of us are working from home or in remote locations. In such challenging times, everything nowadays has become online-centric. To adapt to this changing world, we need tools and applications that help us drive through this new online world. The most challenging aspect of online education is the absence of a whiteboard. The whiteboard is an essential part of a classroom or even a corporate meeting. Assists in visualization and illustration in a conference or a lecture. Microsoft has developed a free Digital canvas app for Windows, iOS, Android as well as a web application, called "Microsoft Whiteboard" What is Microsoft Whiteboard and, why is it essential for me?
Microsoft Whiteboard works perfectly with all types of applications. It is free-to-use software that provides all the essential tools that a whiteboard application requires to be productive. The application is easy to install, free to use and works across platforms.
What type of devices can use whiteboard? Almost all devices support and have an application for Microsoft Whiteboard. It has apps for all major platforms like iOS, Mac or Windows, and even android. How to install whiteboard on your PC and other devices? To install Microsoft whiteboard on any device. Go to the respective application store link down below: Microsoft Whiteboard Download for Windows: Windows Application Microsoft Whiteboard For Iphone and Ipad: iOS application for iPhone and iPad Microsoft Whiteboard Android: For Android Phone Microsoft Whiteboard Online: Web Application (No Installation required) How to set it up?
First Login using any of the following options Types of account that can be used for Whiteboard Work account Outlook or Hotmail account Skype or Office 365 account In case you don't have any of the above mentioned accounts then make a new Microsoft or skype account. How to make a skype or Microsoft account?
First, go to the link mentioned link and create a new Microsoft account.
Click on sign in then, create a new account and fill in the details essential details.
In case you want to create a fresh Microsoft Account To create a Microsoft account click here
Fill in your Microsoft account details to login into the Whiteboard application.
Agree to the terms of usage and proceed further with the setup. Then skip the whiteboard application welcome screen.
Once the application is ready, you can start using it. What all features do I get with Microsoft Whiteboard? Pen Easy to Drag and move elements works with phone and touch devices Stores the information online (Cloud Storage)
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How to use Microsoft Whiteboard | A Complete Guide
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